Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something Old, Something New

I love adding an antique, something refurbished and of course something personal to a space to add a touch of interest and to make the space your own! 

flea marketI love to find bargains and bring treasures into our home. This weekend we shopped (with high expectations) but only found a pair of compotes that I’ll hopefully be using in a client’s home.

Now that Spring is upon us, we hope to be getting out more and spending our Saturday mornings shopping at Estate Sales, Flea Markets & Garage Sales for fun finds.  As I purchase new items I’ll share them with you & hopefully we’ll come across some items to refurbish and I’ll take you through the process!

In our home on Princess St we have incorporated many “finds” into our decor.

Above Bella’s crib we took images from an old Cinderella book, with beautiful illustrations. I framed six of the images and grouped them to tell the story.


I love this antique cake plate that I received for my birthday one year. It mixes well with my inexpensive pink cake plates from Target!


This old box sits on our Living Room shelf, along with antique jars filled with dice, marbles & stones.


I also love these two urns …


Another great place to search for fun finds for your home is Craigslist! I found a set of four French chairs for a steal!

Two are upholstered in the original green mohair & two I reupholstered to coordinate with our Master Bedroom.

(I would like to take this time to introduce you to Claire. She adores this chair !)

IMG_2367 IMG_2369

In other news … we’ve added another project to our never-ending To Do List.

front-porch-ideas-04We found the shutters that were original to our house in our attic. We’re still debating on what color to paint them. 

How about pink?

Okay, maybe not.

But once the projects gets underway, I’ll share some photos with you!    

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  1. I love all of your finds! I especially love the framed illustrations from Cinderella! That's an awesome idea! They were beautiful1