Monday, April 26, 2010

I shutter at the thought


Tyler found the original shutters to our house in the attic many moons ago.  They were a hideous shade of peach.


$17 later we had a gallon of Knights Armor paint.

We put on a few coats of paint & began installing them yesterday.

The curb appeal it gives our house is worth millions!

Okay that may be a stretch, but what an improvement!

This project has been one of our easiest and the least expensive!!

Once the project is complete & officially scratched off our To Do List, I’ll share before and after photos.


  1. I wish I could do that to our house!!

  2. very pretty! I want shutters on our house too, but Brad doesn't want them. Boo.

  3. What a difference - it "finishes" the front of the house. Looks great.

  4. Wow, that IS a big change!! And the paint you chose, Oh, MILES above the previous color! I'm here from NFF, and enjoying the read!

  5. Love the transformation! The black is so classy and looks fabulous! Would love to have you stop by The Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! This adds a whole new look to your home!

  6. I love shutters. I've been throwing out little comments here and there about how great they'd look on my little house. It really does add so much character. Great job.

  7. They look great! I spray painted our faded shutters last year to change them from green to black and I love how they look.

  8. I always LOVE a shutter... instantly adds such character to your home. Thanks for sharing with us at the POPP.