Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cool Spaces

Remember my dreams of my new office space? 

Transforming our Sunroom into an organized, stylish, functional and inspiring space?

My Tyler had already taken measurements, started a budget & calculating construction costs. I began envisioning the space … colors, fabrics, furniture ….

But our dreams have shifted.

To this.

Lennox 14ACX

Okay maybe not THIS particular air conditioner, but something of the sort. Our a/c has drifted to appliance heaven and we’re left with a shell of it’s existence.

So goodbye office.

Hello cool summer.


  1. I would vote for a cool summer in Tejas vs. a cute office any day of the week! Although... maybe it would be a good diet?!

  2. ummm...def go with the cool summer. remember the melting cake at my house 2 years ago? it was miserable!!!

  3. Oh what a shame!!! Why do things like that always go kaput when you have something really fun planned in your budget?!?! Yeesh!