Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Potato Pillows

Burlap is all the trend now.
I of course fell in love.
And decided to make some pillows.
I purchased a few yards of burlap for $2.00 a yard. What a steal!
I used stencils to make a monogram pillow for our Living Room.  I did a trial run of the stenciling to determine the size & then cut out the burlap based on the pillow size.

For the center “J” I simply shifted the stencil a few cm higher to increase the size of the lettering.  Simple fix when all of your letter stencils are the same size!

Monogram complete!

Then I started stenciling a damask pattern for a 2nd, larger pillow I plan to make.  I took a simple stencil and repeated & mirrored it in a uniform pattern.

Once both pillow fronts were complete, it was time to sew.  Don’t forget it’s essential to determine the center point of your pillow front when pinned your pillow together!
This is where I get nervous.  I think I literally started to sweat.
But then remembered it’s just pillows … using $2/yard fabric.

Sewing complete.
*Note: Be sure you have enough thread in your sewing machine before you start sewing.  Stopping in the middle of sewing a (albeit simple) pillow isn’t ideal.
I trimmed the edges of the burlap outside of the seam.

Then flipped this little lady inside out.

Inserted the form & hand sewed the closure.  (Notice no photo of that step?  There’s a reason.  It’s a sight for sore eyes)

My monogram pillow is complete. She’s not going to win any beauty prizes, but it was an inexpensive project & I thoroughly enjoyed fabricating my own fabric from a simple burlap.

You may be wondering what’s happened to this fabric?

Well I only have so many minutes at a time to devote to crafting. So it will wait until another day to finish.  Stay tuned for the completed damask pillow! I may try a  large flange instead of a seamless edge ….. if I get crazy!
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  1. Love your pillows! I like the softer grayish color for your stenciling. I've been wanting to try this for some time now and your lovely project is giving me the ambition.

  2. love that pillow
    What a beautiful Blog you have here, I love all the wonderful ideas
    I am hopping in from Friday Follow and I am your newest follower
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  3. Your pillow turned out great! Love the damask! When you get that project finished be sure to share it with us! Thanks for coming by & sharing @ Anything Related!

  4. Love the pillow- I'm a huge fan of burlap too. :) Found you from All thingz related.