Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the ART of framing

We’re wrapping up my client’s Master Bedroom & are focusing on art and accessories.  I fell in love with two paintings K  had in her home. They were painted by a fabulous artist – her mother!

I suggested we use the paintings in her Bedroom and give them some life and a fantastic frame they deserve!

Here is one of the paintings BEFORE:




K’s second painting BEFORE




We found a set of prints at C&W Antiques in Arlington and I used this frame as the inspiration for the new frames in her Bedroom.


The new frames for K’s Mother’s paintings needed a touch of soft gold to compliment the frames on the prints (above) so I added a gold liner to tie it all together.


K owned this Renoir print and I loved it & had it reframed.

 existing art

Not a wonderful photo, but you can see the new mat and frame & what a difference it makes!


Our installation is quickly approaching so be sure you’re Following my blog in order to see the big reveal!

* * * * *

Art has always played a role in my life. I started taking classes when I was in Elementary school and continued through college.

I received my art skills and creativity from my Dad. He is a true artist (who plays the role of Senior Director at SW Airlines in his “business life”) and is an inspiration to me.

I love him dearly!

Here is a glimpse of his portfolio.  These are a few pieces gracing our walls on Princess Street.

My Dad, John Jamotta, used a photo of my grandpa and his buddies on a rooftop in NY to inspire this painting.  He fabricated everything from the frame to the plaster canvas.

IMG_2821 IMG_2823

This painting is a mixed media & he used Tyler’s old architectural drawings as a base.


This painting I cherish the most.  Tyler & I experienced a heart breaking tragedy when starting our family and my Dad painted this for us.  The door represents the door to our future – bright and full of wonderful things!

How true it is.

It is hanging in our Living Room over the fireplace as a constant reminder of our bright future.

IMG_2825 IMG_2826

A few years ago we gave my Dad oil pastels for Christmas.  This is a medium I always enjoyed and wanted him to give it a try. This was his first oil pastel and I was SO impressed! He gave it to us & we have it proudly displayed in our Dining Room.


Our Dining Room also displays this painting he made for us soon after we were married.  My Dad also writes poetry and incorporates the poetry into his artwork. 


This piece was painted on an old wooden headboard.  Again, he used some of my old interior design projects from school for the base of the painting.


He also takes memorabilia and found objects and incorporates them into his work. This image is from a calendar Tyler got from our family trip to Italy.  What a great memory to have hanging in our Kitchen!


My Dad is a great artist. However he and my Mom haven’t perfected the art of hanging art.  Soon (get ready Mom & Dad!) I’m going to take all of their art off their walls and re-evaluate their pieces and help them find the best way to showcase their art.  I will do a before and after of each wall and hopefully it will help others who have a difficult time determining where to hang art or how to group them effectively!


  1. well, some poeple like to look all the way up to the ceiling when they are looking at art work! maybe everyone in the world is wrong about hanging art...