Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh mr. sun

Yesterday I had an inquiry about helping a friend with her Sunroom. We haven’t met to discuss the details, but I immediately got inspired by the project.

This sunroom is beautiful! I love the sofa, the French grey, simple window treatments & beautiful floors! dp sunroom 2

I love the painted floors and fresh feel of this room. The colors are subtle, yet fun and it’s a good use of space.

dp sunroom

I think a cozy built in window seat is beautiful sun porchHB sun porch HB window seat 

This Sunroom is a bit formal, but elegant and inviting.dp formal sunroom  

Mmmmm … you can’t go wrong with a punch of hot pink!house beautiful jonathan berger living room

A series of botanical prints would be a fabulous and appropriate way to decorate your walls!

house beautiful botanical prints dp botanical prints  

I love these chairs!

imagebamboo chair 


  1. You know me.... I love almost any chair! And, every chair that you have posted! Yikes. I need to win the lottery.

  2. I love it! You did an awesome job on this sunroom! It looks so relaxing.