Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bella’s big girl room

We all knew it would happen.

And I’ve been thinking about it for months. 

Okay let’s not kid ourselves.


But who would have guessed that my dear husband would mention that I need to start designing Bella’s big girl room only seven days after her first birthday?

Just in case I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again … he is my soul mate.

So tonight, my ideas and thoughts are coming to fruition.

I know a few things

Her room has to be as special as she is.  It needs to compliment her personality and be fun and sweet as pie yet sassy.

Although there will be touches of pink, it will not be all pink. That is too expected.

We need storage!

The room will need to grow with her. My theory with nurseries & children’s rooms is to keep the basics neutral or easily revamped to fit a new style room (whether it be for a little brother or sister, guest bedroom, or Bella’s big girl room #2 … because if she’s anything like me, she will want to change the look of her room as often as she changes her clothes).

I want as much input from B as possible.  Obviously with her nursery I (with Tyler’s blessings) selected the style, color & decor. But ever since she was born, we’ve read design magazines together and I’ve shown her photos and we discussed colors and styles.  If she reacted with a smile or positive response I tore out the page and filed it away because she obviously loved it.

(true story)

So if she can give feedback, I’ll take it and run.

blue_velvetI’ve been holding onto a Peacock Blue velvet for quite some time and have always imagined it would be beautiful with pinks & whites/creams.

This is going to be my main color palette.

As of today.

If I find another fabulous fabric, I can be persuaded.

I love the shape of this headboard. Love.



I found this photo & think a storage basket at the end of her bed is adorable. I would possibly add a cushion or pillows (if the basket is sturdy) and have it double as a bench.

HB kids room

I also like these two photos … nothing in particular, just think they’re both sweet.

hb girls roomdecor pad girls bedroom  

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  1. fun! I told brad last night that I was excited to find out TOMORROW if baby #2 is a boy or girl so I can start planning/designing. he said he was not looking forward to that at all b/c I ask him his thoughts and then do what I want anyways. haha! :) Can't wait to see Bella's finished room!

  2. you are so so sweet...what a wonderful mom! loved reading this!