Wednesday, March 24, 2010

life on Princess St

Welcome into our home. 

And yes.  We live on Princess Street.

imageMy dear husband & I purchased this house in 2006 and we’re slowly making it “ours”.

It’s a work in progress but we love the challenges and projects.  We have a laundry list of To Do items, but are taking it one step at a time and balancing it with our careers and raising our tiny tot.

Here’s a glimpse into my new “office” space & my daughter's play space.  A.K.A. a small section of our Living Room.

Bella needed a place to play (outside her nursery) and I needed our Living Room back!  It had been swallowed by Bella’s toys.

Using a low bookshelf  behind our sofa allowed me to visually separate the spaces and provides plenty of storage for my design books and toys.


I found wire baskets to hold the toys.  They have handles so can be carried when B is ready to play.


You can see the sofa is red but I’m on the lookout for inexpensive creamy durable fabric to make a slipcover. I would love to cover the sofa and lounge chair so they’re neutral.

IMG_1879This photo gives you a better idea of the layout of the space, however, I hesitated to even show this picture! 

A few items on my To Do list:

1. Paint desk & add new hardware

2. Find a desk chair! 

I’m loving this:

dp desk

3. New window treatments! (these came with the house … gasp!)

4. Paint the desk lamp and see how it turns out!

5. Storage. Storage. Storage!

This table and chairs is on the wall behind the bookshelf and gives Bella a place to stand and play.  I’m going to paint the table …. not sure what color yet …


Family photos I hung today.  We want to “grow” the collection, but this is a start.



  1. Looks so good, Allison!! How do I officially become a "follower" of your blog??
    --Sonja :)

  2. It looks great! And I LOVE the family pictures! Did you hang them each individually? I saw this thing on Divine Design about laying out your frames on craft paper, marking them, taping the craft paper up on the wall, placing nails, removing the craft paper, and then hanging the frames. It looked so helpful! Maybe I'll try it someday!

  3. Thanks Ashley! Yes, I also saw that trick & it would have been the smart way to hang the frames, but I didn't do it. I laid them out on the floor in the arrangement I wanted & then hung them individually. I don't advise doing it this way - I had to re-hang about 7 of them! :)

  4. I love the new layout & the family pictures! You've been a busy bee.