Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

imageToday I’d like to shine a light on one of my special followers.

 Cynthia Delgadillo is a stay at home mom of two little girls.  After shopping for “adopted” children one Christmas, Cynthia realized that some children go to sleep at night in the clothes they wore that day because they didn't have the “luxury” of pajamas. She made a decision to help others in 2009 and it grew into Operation Sweet Dreams. 

Their mission is simple & wonderful:

“…to provide Sweet Dreams to local needy children. We are dedicated to making a difference in our community by providing free pajamas, toothbrushes, and books to children in low-income areas. “

Since this organization started, over 300 pairs of pajamas have been provided to children in need.

osd_mission_bell_072 osd_mission_bell_086

Through much support, Operation Sweet Drams has become a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  This project will provide grants to fund great ideas.  Spread the word and vote for a great cause!  Cynthia hopes to bless 2,000 children with new pajamas, toothbrushes and books if she receives this $25,000 grant.

You can vote here!

Please visit their website (clickable button on right) for additional information, photos of children who have received their gifts and to learn more about how you can help!

Thank you, Operation Sweet Dreams, for making a difference in so many lives!

You’re an inspiration.


  1. Thank you for this feature. You're amazing :)

  2. I think I saw this lady on Oprah a few years ago! Great feature!!! Following you now from Friday Follow!